The rooms

The six rooms available for your stay in Via delle Orfane each have their own personality yet have certain elements in common.

Twinkling Star

Twinkling Star To feel at home.

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Sleepy sunday

Sleepy sunday Do you like to sleep peacefully?

This is the right room for you.


Sleepy sunday Your place under the stars

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SoulshineTo feel at ease.

Take a look at this room.

Birds and flowers

Birds and flowersFor those who don't like to climb stairs!

Take a look at this room.

Book of longing

Book of longing A roomy space just especially for you.

Check out this room.

Old wooden furniture either second hand or from the family, restored with taste and care and beds handmade without glue or metallic parts and completed with craftsman made futon mattresses in organic cotton.

Alongside tradition sits modernity: suspended ceilings, raised sleeping zones, panoramic windows open to the sky and contemporary artwork on the walls.

All rooms are completely independent from our home and from each other: each has a private bathroom and private entrance.

The Rooms cost from 60 to 70 euros for one person, 90 to 110 for two, 120 to 140 for three people and 150 to 170 for four people.

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